• Scientific responsible: Dr. Christos Tsadilas, Senior Researcher
  • Head: Dr. Vasilios Samaras, Senior Researcher
  • Staff: Dr. Christos Noulas, Evaggelos Bakoyiannis, Konstantinos Bablekis, Konstantinos Dookouzis, Fotis Dafos.
Equipment Performance
Track VAN type Diesel, two persons two-seater;
Mixer for texture determination by Bouyoucos method Soil fractions dispersion
Clinometer Soil surface slope measurement
Rainfall simulator Artificial rainfall creation for soil erosion studies
Soil sampler P type Soil sampling
Penetrometer Soil resistance measurement
Undisturbed samples sampler Undisturbed samples
Water samples sampler Water samples
Portable electrical conductivity meter Soil and water electrical conductivity
Digital thermometer Air temperature measurement
Humidity meter - thermometer Soil moisture and temperature measurement
Portable photometer Inorganic elements measurements in water samples
Mill for soil grind Grinding of soil samples
Soil sieving apparatus Soil sieving
Soil digestion apparatus Soil digestion
Automatic analyzer FOSS TECATOR NO3-N, NO2-N, NH4-N, N, P measurement
Digital portable pH-meter Soil pH measurement
Electrical conductivity meter Soil electrical conductivity measurement
Magnetic stirrer  Soil suspensions and solutions stirring
Portable oxygen meter Available oxygen measurement
Plant tissue grinding Grinding of plant tissue samples
Ultracentrifuge Soil suspensions centrifuge
Bouyoucos hydrometers Soil texture determination
Boyoucos cylinders Soil texture determination
Calcimeters (Bermnard) Calcium carbonate determination
Soil Quality Test Kit Box Soil quality measurement
Portable soil moisture measurement apparatus Soil moisture profile measurement
Data Logger DELTA-T Soil moisture measurement
Moisture sensors Soil moisture measurement
Oven Soil samples drying
Leaf area measurement apparatus Leaf area measurement
Analytical balance Precise weighting of small samples
Rainfall meter Rainfall measurement
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